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Why Is There So Much Fuss Around Pink Diamonds?

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And why there’s no better time than now to invest in a piece of Argyle Pink Diamond jewellery.

Extremely rare and strikingly different to your usual clear diamond, there’s one thing that’s guaranteed with an Argyle Pink Diamond: it draws in the eye and will have you stopping for a second to take in its mysterious beauty.

Why are Pink Diamonds pink?

A pure, clear diamond is produced by carbon atoms bonded together in a crystalline lattice. An Argyle Pink Diamond however, like other coloured diamonds contains a ‘defect centre’; this means at least one of the carbon atoms in the diamond lattice is missing or has a different element in its place.

It may sound like an oxymoron, but this is a good kind of ‘flaw’, with an adequate number of defect centres enabling a diamond to attain varying properties, including light absorption to a degree that provides an obvious colour difference – pink to purple-pink in the case of an Argyle Pink Diamond.

While we know that certain defects will create diamonds of particular colours – for example adequate nitrogen atoms will produce a yellow diamond – the defect centres that result in an alluring pink diamond remain a mystery.

Where do Pink Diamonds come from?

Right here in our backyard! Essentially Western Australia’s Argyle mines are the primary source of pink diamonds, so you’ll be supporting local if you choose to invest in one.

Is it worth investing in Argyle Pink Diamonds?

Although 0.1% of diamonds produced are pink, more than 90% of the world’s pink diamond supply is from the Argyle Diamond Mine. Closing in 2021, it won’t be long until its supply runs low, and the price of pink diamonds is expected to skyrocket due to the limited resources.

The Smales Mon Petit Collection

If you’re leaning towards an Argyle Pink Diamond, the Mon Petit Pink Diamond Collection is the perfect place to start looking. Launched in October, Smales unique Certified Argyle Pink range of earrings and rings are romantic, dainty, feminine and becoming increasingly rare.

These pink jewellery pieces are perfect if you are in love with pink diamonds but can’t afford to invest big – even the small pieces are expected to go up in value due the upcoming closure of the Argyle Diamond Mine.

Choose Argyle Pink Diamonds and you’ll be making a small but smart investment.

Considering investing in a Certified Argyle Pink ring or set of earrings while they’re still on the market for a reasonable price? If you’re looking for some guidance, head to Smales Fine Jewellery for an expert opinion on Argyle Pink Diamonds – and a unique Certified Argyle Pink jewellery range that won’t break the bank.

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