About Our Cufflinks

The Smales luxury cufflink collection represents the very best of sophistication and style for Perth men. Featuring ateliers like Montblanc, Smales’ range of cufflinks for men are refinement and versatility perfectly paired.

Why Invest In A Good Pair of Cufflinks

Like a well-fitted suit or a good watch, personalised cufflinks never go out of style. There are fewer rules nowadays on how to wear cufflinks; fashion is loosening its proverbial tie (or leaving it off altogether) and cufflinks are appearing as an accessory on all kinds of suits.

  • Add a splash of colour to a dark suit
  • Ditch the tie but maintain a sophisticated look
  • Contrast or complement the colour of your suit
  • Add some subtle sparkle to your wrist

Different Cufflink Shapes

Cufflinks are functional and stylish, like the man who wears them. They can be understated or eye-catching. They can, we believe, echo personal style and international trends in one fell swoop.

Remember: detail matters. Cufflinks for men are available in many shapes and styles, with enduring classic styles like whale back and bullet back that will pair perfectly with any suit. And with Smales’ range of personalised cufflinks, you are sure to find the colour, precious metal, design and finish to suit the modern man within.

Shop Exclusive Smales Cufflinks Today

Our range of cufflinks for men is carefully hand-picked to balance on the line between classic style and modern sophistication. Browse the core range from brands like and Montblanc, or drop in to find out how personalised cufflinks can elevate your suit styling with a personal flair.

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