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Smales Jewellers is one of Western Australia’s oldest jewellers and watchmakers, and with this age comes precision and history – all beginning with Thomas Smales, the father of founder Ron Smales Sr.

Coming from the trade of stonemasonry, Thomas fixed mantel and wall clocks with his son, who went on to establish a small business at the family home in Kalgoorlie.

Ron later worked as an instrument maker for the Royal Australian Air Force’s 451 Squadron, fixing crashed aircraft in the Middle East during World War II.

After the war, Ron formalised his qualifications and completed a watchmaking apprenticeship in Perth, before opening his ‘watchmaking jewellery store’ back home in Kalgoorlie.

When Ron retired, his son – Ron Smales Jr took over the Kalgoorlie store and later expanded the business to a second location in Subiaco, Perth in 1989.

With the success of the Subiaco store, Ron Jr’s name became synonymous with the Perth luxury watch industry and his lively personality well-known on the Perth social scene.

Over the following years, Smales Jewellers opened an additional three stores across the state and three jewellery workshops in Subiaco, Kalgoorlie and Bunbury.

Within any business – especially a family business – death is a great hardship, and indeed the most recent challenge faced by Smales Jewellers was Ron Jr passing away in April 2018.

Smales operations have been continued on by the family, with ownership bestowed to Tony Smales as Ron’s brother and business partner.

Alongside Tony, Trish Smales manages the Bunbury store and regularly travels to Perth to oversee the Subiaco store and office operations.

The business continues to celebrate craftmanship every day through watchmaking services and jewellery creations.

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We are proud of our heritage; we strive to make sure our products and service are of the highest quality for our customers.

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Not only does Smales make custom designs, but also showcases a commitment to quality with exclusive brands such as, Montblanc, Grand Seiko, Baume & Mercier and Hearts on Fire Diamonds, which are on display and available for purchase in the showrooms.

Most recently, in collaboration with the West Australian Ballet, we have launched the Bridal Core Collection which celebrates the ancestry of the brand and the precision of ballet. We have overseen this collection, which has a signature blue sapphire embedded within the band of each ring, signifying the quality and craftmanship we strive to accomplish with each diamond creation.

Another recent success was our Gold Nugget Collection, which alongside the Bridal Core Collection has ensured the Smales name stands the test of time in the jewellery industry.

Our Gold Nugget Collection is exclusively sourced from local prospectors in the Goldfields area, who have known the Smales family for many years. The nuggets are brought into the Subiaco workshop where the jewellers create beautiful pieces combining them with South Sea pearls and/or diamonds.

The most recent ‘face’ of Smales Jewellers, Shanaya King, is also a Kalgoorlie local who prospected with her father when she was growing up; one of her most treasured possessions is a gold nugget given to her as a gift from her father when she was 16.

At Smales we continue to create gold nugget pieces for our customers as a part of this heritage collection.

Most recently we launched our Forever Bridal Collection 2023. This collection is both elegant and modern. Our in-house jewellers have hand crafted some beautiful and timeless pieces which can be viewed in our showrooms in Subiaco and Bunbury.

We are proud of our heritage and with that we strive to make sure our products are of the highest quality for our customers.

The future is unpredictable, but the future of our business will always be to keep the integrity, quality and values of Smales Jewellers intact.

At Smales Jewellers we always strive to deliver the best service, jewellery and luxury watches while maintaining the family name.

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