Real Diamonds vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds

In the world of diamonds, a captivating debate unfolds between traditional real diamonds and the rising stars of lab-grown diamonds.

Both possess an undeniable allure, and understanding their origin and composition is crucial when making an informed choice.

Let’s explore the key differences between real diamonds and lab-grown diamonds.

Naturally sourced diamonds are authentic natural gemstones. Every natural diamond has very small inclusions within its crystal structure, a unique fingerprint that enables it to be categorised into different clarity grades.

This makes natural mined diamonds unique, meaning no diamond is the same.

Lab-grown diamonds, on the other hand, are created in controlled environments. These diamonds are grown using advanced technology, replicating the conditions necessary for natural diamond formation.

However, natural diamonds have more of an allure due to its original set of characteristics such as cut, colour, and clarity. This influences the overall uniqueness of the diamond compared to those formulated in a lab.

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Natural diamonds will retain their value over time due to their originality and the finite amount available from the earth, which is not the case with synthetic gems.

When purchasing a diamond, knowing it took millions of years to produce makes a real gemstone feel more sentimental and valuable than one created in a laboratory.

While you may save money initially on purchasing a lab-grown diamond, you could lose out on resale value and insurance, plus it could cost more to replace the gem in the future.



At Smales Jewellers, you can choose your very own loose diamond, and the diamond can be mounted in your own design for a truly customised piece of jewellery.

We only sell naturally sourced diamonds from reputable sources, ensuring that your jewellery is 100% authentic.

At Smales we have our own jewellery workshops onsite in both Subiaco and Bunbury. Our highly skilled teams of in-house jewellers will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

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