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Baume & Mercier’s Newest Timepieces Arrive at Smales Jewellers

Baume et Mercier Riviera Azur 10716

At Smales Jewellers, we continually strive to bring world-renowned Baume & Mercier timepieces directly to our esteemed clients. 

We are beyond excited to introduce something truly special. Our showcases will soon be home to the latest from Baume & Mercier: the Riviera Azur 10716. 

These masterpieces, synonymous with both elegance and precision, are set to redefine contemporary luxury.

Embrace Aquatic Adventures with the Riviera Azur 10716

Another iteration of the Riviera series is the Azur 10716. Whether you’re swimming, snorkelling, sailing or surfing, the Azur 10716 is engineered to withstand the pressures of up to 30 ATM or 300 meters.

This watch represents a harmonious balance between Baume & Mercier’s luxurious legacy and the demanding nature of aquatic sports.

Discover a watch that journeys with you from the depths of the ocean to the height of prestigious events.

“Providing innovation and creativity of the highest quality, we are so proud to be an official retailer of Baume and Mercier”

When will it be available?

The Riviera Azur 10716 is on display in our Subiaco showroom. With this date fast approaching, we highly recommend visiting us in-store to register your interest. Don’t miss out on one of our newest limited features. While stocks last.

Visit our Subiaco showroom to view the exclusive Riviera Azur 10716. Find your perfect piece at Smales Jewellers.

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