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Top jewellery trends for 2015

What will be the top jewellery trends of 2015? Here are our picks…

Pendants & Necklaces

Statement pendants

As seen on the catwalks recently, statement pendants are the new must have item.

Inspired by nature, tribal shapes and patterns, designs are bold and bright.

Layering pendants

Another way of creating a statement is to layer several beautiful pieces to create impact.

Go for a graduated effect by pairing long dainty necklaces with shorter chunkier pieces and vice versa. Alternatively, layer several fine necklaces together, or several chunky ones.

Fancy diamonds

Trending in 2014, we expect the popularity of fancy diamonds to continue in 2015 as lovers of fine diamond jewellery seek colour and distinctiveness.

Yellow, cognac, champagne and, of course, pink diamonds, now feature in many fine jewellery designer collections.

As discussed in a previous blog, coloured diamonds, particularly yellow diamonds, are no longer considered rarities and now compete with traditional white diamonds for quality and value.

Bridal Trends

Coloured gems

While classic white diamond engagement rings will always be popular, brides are increasingly looking for designs that capture their individual style. Fancy diamonds and coloured precious gems are inspiring both designer collections and bespoke pieces.

Celebrities have embraced the coloured diamond trend with Heidi Klum, Olivia Palermo and Kelly Clarkson all showing off their yellow diamond engagement rings.

The yellow diamond has also become popular among brides seeking a more unique, ‘statement’ engagement ring.

Kate Middleton’s sapphire ring set a trend for other coloured precious gems. Rings featuring centre stones of sapphires, along with rubies and emeralds, are becoming increasingly sought after.

Large diamonds

Celebrity engagement rings have also inspired a trend for large diamonds. While they may make an impact, it’s important to educate yourself before heading down the big diamond route. Bigger is not always best and those on a budget should choose quality over size to ensure a gem with maximum sparkle. For tips on buying a diamond, read our diamond guide.

In addition to colour and clarity, a diamond’s cut is one of the most important elements of a quality diamond. Only one diamond jewellery brand can claim to have The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond.

Rose gold

Rose gold, as opposed to conventional white gold, yellow gold and platinum is also making an appearance. This metal is commonly used for jewellery but rarely for engagement rings.

Rose gold looks especially stunning on pale-skinned brides.

Vintage look

Vintage-style designs never go out of fashion and have become even more popular thanks to shows like Downton Abbey.

While a new ‘vintage-style’ ring may not have years of history behind it as a genuine heirloom or antique ring, brides want a design that looks like it has a story to tell – think intricate settings with metal and diamond detailing.

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