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Top 10 Ways to Propose in WA with Smales Jewellers

Chances are, once you’ve decided upon the perfect moment to make a marriage proposal, you pretty much know the answer. As WA proposals go, with so many locations to choose from, the big question is: where and how will I do it? Well, if impact is what you’re after, read on for Smales Jewellers top 10 best WA proposals, gleaned from previous success stories and inspired by Perth’s finest range of engagement rings.

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Get personal and the inspiration will flow

Only a handful of people on this planet will know your partner like you do. So get personal, explore what they love in life and the ideas will flow – almost anything goes! Proposal ideas with a WA twist are as limitless as your imagination. Here’s our Top 10.

Proposal idea #1:

A pink diamond engagement ring sparkling in a glass of pink champagne – a breath taker! Imagine the surrounding light shining on two glass flutes of champagne, and nestling in the bottom of one is Smales’ Diamond Engagement Ring with a Pink Halo in White and Rose Gold. Unforgettable. An alcohol-free twist to this idea would be a mountain of pink iced cupcakes and the pink diamond engagement ring glistening atop its pinnacle.

Proposal idea #2:

Present her with a bouquet of roses with a single solitaire engagement ring nestled within. Flower lovers will lean in for a deep breath of perfume only to find Smales’ fabulous Rose intertwined diamond ring in yellow gold glittering amongst the petals.

Proposal idea #3:

Imagine popping the question as you drink in a beach sunset. Not just any west coast beach – WA’s idyllic Lucky Bay. This sublime beach is perfect for presenting a gem of an engagement ring… Smales’ Pearl and Diamond Ring in white gold. Mother Nature herself would say ‘yes’ in this scenario!

Proposal idea #4:

The Mary Davis quote says, ‘To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles.’ So miracle 1,001 has to be a sparkling sunrise with a gourmet garden picnic in the Araluen Botanic Gardens. The only thing to shine brighter is our vibrant Hearts on Fire Lorelei Floral Engagement Ring on your newly betrothed’s finger!

Proposal idea #5:

Love is in the air – so why not propose sky-high too? The Pink Lake Aerial Flyover from Geraldton takes about 1.5 hours so there’s enough time to get your nerve up, pop the question and still take in the magical pink lake. We think the perfect accompaniment to such a natural spectacle is our Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold.

Proposal idea #6:

If you’re both adventure seekers, try coupling beautiful bush with a secluded swimming hole proposal in WA’s Karijini National Park. Exploration is followed by exultation as you discover undulating gullies and cooling springs. Imagine their face, and the surrounding waters, lighting up when you propose with the equally jaw-dropping Smales two toned yellow diamond engagement ring .

Proposal idea #7:

The Coral Coast is calling. Numerous water-based activities abound, like: feeding the dolphins of Monkey Mia; diving with the awe-inspiring whale sharks; or seeing the shadow of a Manta Ray glide across you. Here is where you can capture the moment forever in Smales’ awesome Platinum Treated Blue Diamond Engagement Ring – a rare blue diamond that seemingly mirrors the crystal Ningaloo waters.

Proposal idea #8:

Love chocolate? Then it’s simple: hire a chocolate fountain and after dinner out offer some dessert at home. If the bubbling creamy fountain doesn’t give your intentions away, the dazzling wreath of our Hearts on Fire Delight Lady Di Diamond Engagement Ring, on a mound of sumptuous strawberries absolutely will!

Proposal idea #9:

As your worlds revolve around each other, C Restaurant fine dining revolves around Perth, giving you a 360 degree view of the city throughout the feast. The only thing that can possibly upstage the glittering spectacle below will be Smales’ Hearts on Fire Desire Teardrop Shape Diamond Engagement Ring… and her smile as she says “Yes!”

Proposal idea #10:

Your own home! 100% of you in the meal and atmosphere, fashioned to woo a lover’s heart and soul. When the perfect opening in the conversation arises – pop! – the question is posed, perhaps with the simply stated elegance of the Hearts on Fire Optima Solitaire Engagement Ring.

We’ve helped WA propose thousands of times!

As WA’s eminent engagement ring jeweller, Smales Jewellers has helped thousands of couples for over 70 years mark their engagement moment as ‘unforgettable’. To make your very personal moment perfect, we guarantee to deliver the most indulgent, or restrained, or unique range of diamond engagement rings in Perth. You’re invited into any of our five Smales Jewellers showrooms around WA where the service is impeccable, the jewellery faultless and the honest-to-goodness joy in crafting engagement rings for Perth is palpable.

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