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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide: Christmas 2016

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, especially with it has attached to it the sentimental value of Christmas and love. This year we have put together our Christmas Gift Guide which would have minimum impact on the bank balance but maximum impact on the one you love and cherish most.

Top 10 for Her

1. The Classic Diamond Studs – Hearts on Fire 3-Prong Diamond Studs from RRP $1350

three prong stud earrings 1 grande e390be68 efda 4dcd 91be e04cd3784d17 large

2. The Classic Diamond Necklace - Illa Diamond Pendant RRP $1490

illa pendant necklace 1 grande 06000923 a481 4ae1 9669 193c70f3e90f large

3. Smales South Sea Pearl and Diamond Ring – RRP $ 1680

fc27e80c420b65194fed70735b5f697f grande 20a1b8be 9c12 41e2 a28e c3af5d2fcf15 large

4. Smales White Gold Diamond Bangle in White Gold $5240

7cbce66d44b95a844c591c678ef0f97d grande c5683028 9a61 46e9 85bf 97096861efc1 large

5. Heart on Fire Copley Multi Stone Bangle RRP $4890

copley multi stone bangle 1 grande e6208d4c 2b0a 4271 bbf5 d82f228b11f7 large

6. Hearts on Fire Illa Diamond studs RRP $2490

illa diamond stud earrings 1 grande ab96a725 3c16 49b0 87ca 06168587f8a1 large

7. Hearts on Fire Aerial Eclipse Pendant from RRP $3420

aerial eclipse pendant 1 grande 00527aaf 64a5 48f5 a9f4 a192e04897d5 large

8. Illa Diamond Ring RRP $5240

9. Aerial Cluster Pendant RRP $3780

aerial cluster pendant 1 grande 7a0dd5af 0b71 43d4 a617 007d1aee2b13 large

10. Triplicity Drop Ear Vines RRP $13,510

triplicity drop ear vines 1 grande bfd0b9ae db03 49b2 92bc 4b7803054c72 large

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