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Spring Racing – The Good, the Classic & The Standout

Diamonds and pearls, lace and lapels when the race season starts a social gathering sparks. For this year’s Spring/Summer season we have put together a list of some of our incredible must have jewellery to ensure you sparkle, and stand out. A small investment can go a long way taking your selfies from #instagood to #instabest this season.

1. The Hoops

Ever since Destiny’s Child bought back the Gold Hoops these little treasures captures the diva in all. Add diamonds to the mix and you are sure to shine. The look is to be work with a power suit be it in gold or in white. Be sure however to have your hair waved or slicked back to have these earring take centre stage.

2. The Colour Pop

Aquamarines and Garnets have not been widely chosen for gemstones of choice but the resurgence of these gemstones have jewellers recreating incredible pieces to suit someone who definitely wants to stand out from the crowd.

3. The Diamond Spark

Diamonds demand notice, with their ability to reflect light metres away – authentic quality diamonds are hard to beat.

Diamond are a lot more durable than any faux par imitations and are a worthy investment, yet the best thing about them is they never go out of fashion.

Wear them with black for Derby Day or White for Oaks Day, it doesn’t matter as even Pinks, Greens and Yellows will have these pieces of jewellery sparkle like nothing else.

4. The Gem Drops

Drop Earring have been around for a very long time, but bespoke drop earrings take your style factor to another level. Be sure however to keep your hairstyle simple, and your décolletage bare.

The little black or white dress or jumpsuit with a set of beautiful drop earrings is sure to turn heads.

5. Gold Cuffs

Pearl cuffs, Gold Cuffs and Diamond cuffs all have their place in fashion, but the quality in the cuff can say a lot about the wearer’s style, personality and taste.

Selecting the right cuff can be the one style stand out to set you a part from an array of beautiful starlets. Worn with asymmetrical block colours never underestimate the power of the cuffs.

6. The Band

Bands are a huge trend this season especially when stacked – however take note this trend makes layering jewellery look flawless carefree and cool, but to seamlessly pull it off there is some strategy to it. Keep your metals in the same shade to prevent looking like a magical gypsy.

Add diamonds, or coloured gemstones to add glamour or alternatively if you are adventurous add several bands or ones with charms attached.

Whatever band stack you decide on keep your nails on the paler hue spectrum so when sipping champagne your bling will have maximum impact.

7. The Cocktail

ONE rather large cocktail ring will show demure and class like nothing else, especially if the ring is authentic, and encrusted with the finest gemstones.

Cocktail rings signify independence and freedom, and when wearing these rings, one can feel confident and beautiful.

These best part of a cocktail ring is they can be very individual and can cater for a variety of budgets.

Topaz, Spinels, and Morganite gems have a grandeur without the price tag. These rings can have such presence, they can be the focal point of your whole outfit.

With so many cocktail rings in the market choosing one can be as fun as choosing a bridal dress. Investing in a cocktail ring can endure the test of time, be a keeper of memories and best of all they can be passed on to the next generation, so that they too may enjoy their own social Spring events bringing new personal memories to the world of jewellery.

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