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Say Yes to the Big Takeover ! : Emerging 2021 trends in Engagement Rings

We knew it – not even a global pandemic could stop the course of love. If anything, we’ve seen more people seizing the moment and proposing over the last year than ever. With the latest engagement ring causing a frenzy, designers and couples are getting more and more creative when it comes to engagement ring shopping – and believe it or not, online ring shopping is trending more than ever.

Ceremonies may have changed (or be on hold for now), but this delay only means you have more time to shop, more time to save, and more time to consider exactly what you want.

Choosing a diamond engagement ring in Perth is so personal, and you need to know you have selected the perfect ring to reflect your love.

So, what has been the most searched engagement ring? Smales have deep-dived into the top engagement ring trends in for 2021.

If you’re in lockdown and on the hunt for a stunning ring, then read on for a list of exquisite diamond jewellery designs in Perth you’ll want to explore.

Once you’ve chosen, you can safely visit your favourite jeweller to discuss the ring your heart has chosen.


Legacy in families has become all so important. The huge popularity of the splendid and opulent Netflix series Bridgerton has reignited all things classic and traditional.

While vintage-inspired rings are always trending, their detailing, colour and size is unique to the person and family they were created for. Often more expressive than your traditional diamond solitaire, heirloom inspired diamond engagement rings are timeless yet fashionable as they combine the nostalgia of the past with the beauty of today.

Smales Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold


Asset 1

Emerald-Cut Diamonds

An emerald cut diamond is known for its rectangular shape and chiselled step cuts, with straight linear facets. The Emerald Cut Diamond has cropped corners to add stability and prevent chipping. An emerald shape cut diamond can highlight clarity better than many of the other diamond shapes and, when worn, is the epitome of timeless elegance and class.

Two-Stone Rings

Two stone open rings symbolise a union of love wrapped in stability and security.

Three Stone Rings

Since Meghan met Harry, requests for the classic three stone ring increased demand in 2020. The next emerging trend is three stone rings with a subtle personal change. Some customers in Perth have requested these rings with an Argyle Pink diamond in the middle or diamond halos around each diamond. These engagement rings have such a strong presence they are hard to go past.

Simply Bridal Three Stone Engagement Ring

From $6230

Integrity HOF Three Stone Metal Engagement Ring

From $10,895.00

Oval Diamonds

Oval Diamonds were huge last year and were put on the map when Hayley said ‘Yes’ to Justin Beiber, and Arianna Grande flashed her 5-7 carat oval diamond coupled with a pearl on social channels.

This year the oval is taken to the next level with added pearls or coloured gemstones, doubled in numbers or a halo around the centre stone. This trend is yet to slow down in requests, and so far, the demand is still growing.

Hearts on Fire Juliette Ring

From $7800 for a 0.33-carat centre stone

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The Hidden Halo Effect

The hidden diamond engagement ring features a one centre diamond and smaller diamonds placed underneath the centrepiece to add a subtle yet personal effect to the next level.

Asset 1 1

Hidden Diamond and Gems

Have you heard of a hidden gem? They are growing in popularity with signature sapphires or even black diamonds embedded in an engagement ring’s inner band.

Designs with this hidden gemstone can symbolise a collaboration, a pop of colour that means something to the couple, or a creative stamp to signify bespoke craftsmanship.

Smales Cushion Shaped Halo Engagement Ring


Come All Ye Faithful

The classic diamond solitaire never goes out of fashion. The innate beauty of this signature style is popular because of its ability to stand out on its own. When matched with a beautifully cut diamond, its superiority is second to none, with the highest clarity and colour.

This year a stunning array of wonderfully created bridal engagement rings will be launched meticulously curated with every bride to be in mind. The collection will be one of the largest bridal collections Smales has created in a decade and is one not to miss. Stay tuned for more information on this range soon.

Smales Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring


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