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Ready Set Stone

If you are like us and are obsessed with gorgeous gems, and anything which sparkles a mile away then you would be interested to know the most popular stone settings of this year have been not only a style trend but a necessity.

At Smales we are armed with in house workshops where design dreams come true. Diamonds designed and set for customers who want a ring which reflects their style and personality.

The top ring designs so far have included mixed metals, coloured side stones, side view details and the “halo effect”.

Mixed Metals

Combining a rose gold band and white gold prongs can create the illusion of the absence of prongs when set with diamonds, and the good news is there are no limits with what you can you to alter the design by mixing your metals. Each design can be as unique as you, not to mention the appearance of a bigger diamond stone!

Side Views Settings

Nowadays it’s all in the details and this includes how a ring looks on all sides. Detailing throughout the ring can sometimes make a single solitaire ring look plain. The layers of beauty and craftsmanship are highlighted when the ring is on or off, and when teamed up with a wedding band the result can be exquisite.

Coloured Stones

Why limit yourself to one diamond when you create a cluster of bling, to make your hero diamond stand out even more. A pop of colour, can centre your main diamond when set on either side, with pink or yellow being most popular.

A coloured gem stone can create emotions to suit personalities, blue and green gems for the royal, bold and vivacious, pinks for the princess at heart and yellow or amber for the forever happy.

The Halo Effect

A halo ring is a setting that encircles a center gemstone in a collection of round pavé or micro-pavé which can make the centre diamond look sometimes half a carat larger. These diamond setting designs are truly one which has lasted centuries. Sometimes the middle diamond is set slightly higher than the halo, and to take this one step further combine this with a coloured halo the effect is like a culinary smorgasbord for the most hungry.

At Smales there are dedicated staff who can create your one of a kind ring which reflects who you are! They understand how important it is to have something which can last a lifetime. Designs are unlimited and can be tailored to all budgets, therefore always look to what inspires to you including colours, styles and trends and visit one of one the showrooms today.

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