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Power Dressing with Statement Jewellery

Whether you’re in the office or at a work function, it’s a no-brainer that the way you dress can make or break the first impression you make as a professional.

Don your outfit along with a slick hairdo and understated makeup and immediately you’ll be conveying the message that you’re a powerful professional in your industry.

The finishing touch? A statement jewellery piece, which will bring your entire look together and provide an immediate confidence boost, leaving you feeling empowered and ready for whoever you’re to meet-and-greet, and a professional contact to remember.

Tips For Mastering the Use of Statement Jewellery in Power Dressing

Professional attire tends to be in neutrals or one or two-tones, so donning a piece or two of statement jewellery provides just the right amount of colour and character to make you more memorable.

Two statement necklaces in varying lengths and either in the same or contrasting colours immediately add layers to a clean and simple outfit; they can also help to bring out your natural colouring (for instance an olive-coloured statement necklace for olive skin, or a peachy-hued piece for fairer skin tones), complement your makeup, and draw attention to your best physical assets – be it your long neck or dainty collarbone.

If you’re looking for some direction, the Hearts On Fire Diamonds Range boasts unique statement jewellery pieces that will enhance or transform any professional attire – be it tailored office wear or a designer or custom-made dress for a formal event.

lorelei criss cross cuff medium

Using Necklaces

A dressy collared or V-neck shirt immediately creates a canvas-like space to be filled with an eye-catching, statement necklace like the Hearts On Fire Illa Midnight Diamond Necklace – this is your show stopper!

illa midnight diamond necklace 1 medium

Longer statement necklaces are great for tricking the eye, making your neckline appear longer and lithe; the Hearts On Fire Copley Tassel Diamond Necklace for a more formal occasion, complete with a diamond pendant will do just this.

copley tassel diamond necklace 2 medium

Shorter and chunkier statement necklaces, including chokers, are best reserved for sweetheart necklines or off-the-shoulder dresses or shirts, so to avoid a ‘crowded’ or too-busy look. The Hearts On Fire Triplicity Diamond Line Necklace is the ultimate short-necklace statement piece –

triplicity diamond line necklace 1 medium

Eye-catching, yet delicate. your ‘understated’ statement piece!

Using Earrings

Don a pair of statement earrings and immediately you’ll inject life and style into a simple and classic outfit, particularly one featuring a high neck, sweetheart neckline, or off-the-shoulder sleeves – where often less is more around the neckline.

While statement necklaces can look ‘too much’ with outfits containing more detailed patterns or prints, statement earrings can provide the final touch, and a ‘just right’ amount of jewellery for that extra piece of sophistication.

These Hearts On Fire Triplicity Drop Earrings work a treat in either of those outfit scenarios; a true head-turning fashion statement piece.

triplicity drop earrings 1 medium

Using Dress Rings

Don’t underestimate the power of the dress ring. While more delicate rings are easy to miss, a dress ring can serve as a unique statement piece that draws the eye in and makes you look bold and brave, giving off the notion of empowerment.

A chunky dress ring – be it a Two Toned Gold and Diamond Ring or Bespoke Smokey Quartz & Diamond Ring – may be the only jewellery piece you need to go with a patterned, multi-coloured or high-necked outfit, providing that extra touch of sparkle, elegance and uniqueness without going over-the-top.

two tone gold and diamond ring perth medium

Perth’s Jewellery Store For Professionals

Luxury statement jewellery can make power dressing easy, providing the final touch to your professional wear. With over 75 years of experience in the jewellery industry, a Smales statement jewellery piece that will never tire. Invest in a Smales statement jewellery piece and prepare to put your best professional foot forward…who knows where it will take you?

Explore a Smales Fine Jewellery Store near you today, where our jewellery experts will help find you a statement piece that feels as though it was made for you.

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