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No Mountain Too High; Smales Launches Montblanc

In the ever-changing world of high end retail, we understand that evolving is essential. At Smales Jewellers, we pride ourselves in offering luxury items of only the highest quality. As part of our continued work towards excellence, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Montblanc range. We celebrated with an exclusive cocktail reception at our Subiaco branch to reveal the first Montblanc concept shop in WA. Guests were treated to Beamonde’s finest food and drinks while exploring the selection of Montblanc hand crafted luxury watches, leather goods, and stationary. Be sure to visit our Perth showroom to see the quality Montblanc offers in the unrivalled surroundings of the concept store.

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Montblanc Luxury Watches

Montblanc is renowned the world over for timeless beauty in the items they craft. Starting nearly a century ago, they elevated pen making to a fine art with the creation of their now iconic Meisterstück fountain pen, an epitome of exquisite craftsmanship. This care and expertise has been transferred into a wider range of products, including watches and leather goods. These timepieces are an item of wearable precision, and are indeed a joy to wear. The comfort of the leather band is unsurpassed. The motion of hands is an oasis for the eyes. Telling time becomes much less about function and more of an indulgent moment to pause, relax, and unwind away from it all, if even for just a few seconds.

The luxury of their watches is felt by the wearer and noticed by onlookers. This is more than a timepiece – this is statement piece. Your exquisite taste as a purveyor of fine craftsmanship is affirmed when you choose a Montblanc watch. You are not one to skimp and your watch is a display of your passion for quality. Onlookers will recognise your attention to detail and appreciate the perfect timepiece you have selected.

Timeless Beauty

A Montblanc watch is an absolute showstopper and the leather goods are unsurpassed in quality. The pens are timeless and bring sophistication to any writer’s prose. These luxury items can now be experienced at Smales in the boutique surroundings of the concept store. Each item is experienced in custom tailored environments, composed of dark woods, smooth lacquers, and elegant colours, each serving to heighten the product experience. The prestigious items are hand crafted to the meticulous standards of Swiss tradition, and you can expect nothing but the best from Montblanc.

The Timekeeping Specialists

Smales Jewellers have earned a sterling reputation of luxury jewellers and watchmakers in WA. We are dedicated to providing only the highest quality items, from name brand watches to bespoke jewellery pieces. We are now proud to be carrying the Montblanc range of luxury watches, stationary, and leather goods from our Montblanc concept store in Subiaco. Be sure to visit and experience the range that Montblanc has to offer in an environment like no other in Western Australia. Whether seeking a luxury watch or unique jewellery, Smales has the experts to help you find a quality piece that will impress every time.

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