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Japanese Designed Grand Seiko Watches Celebrated at Smales Jewellers

Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Collection | Exclusive to Smales Jewellers in WA

Grand Seiko luxury watches, like their Japanese compatriot Lexus, are synonymous with sublime quality in every detail. As two of Japan’s most notable luxury brands, both the watchmaker and car manufacturer are deservedly vaunted for master craftsmanship and enduring excellence.

It is fitting, then, that the Grand Seiko photoshoot for Smales Jewellers was held at the Lexus Perth dealership last month.

Grand Seiko: Japanese quality coveted around the world

Grand Seiko luxury watches have been synonymous with sublime craftsmanship since debuting in Tokyo in 1960. Six decades later, in 2020, the perseverance of Grand Seiko’s elite designers and watchmakers continues to be validated in each individually crafted – and coveted – timepiece.

Few watchmakers outside of the Swiss luxury watch milieu can claim this kind reputation, let alone for 60 continuous years.

Why 60 is special

Every 60 seconds, and 60 minutes, a watch begins a new cycle. Similarly, the 10 calendar signs and 12 oriental zodiac symbols in Japanese culture are arranged in a total of 60 combinations. Grand Seiko turning 60 represents the combinations coming full circle since the first range was released in 1960.

Of the milestone, Grand Seiko’s website says:

Turning 60 is very special, because it means the 60 combinations have come full circle. We are delighted to start our new cycle now and will introduce special contents to celebrate the 60th anniversary.

The Grand Seiko 60th anniversary collection features editions paying homage to the original 1960s ranges, plus a few strictly limited timepieces. Each piece reflects the craftsmanship and quality embodied by the “King of Watches” lion etched into every Grand Seiko case.

Heritage Collection

Hi-Beat 36000 Limited Edition (SBGH281)
Limited to just 1,500 pieces, this men’s watch is a nod to the famous 44GS from 1967 which introduced the now-famous Grand Seiko styling.

Quartz Limited Edition (SBGP007)
Precision, versatility and pedigree come together in this special celebration of timekeeping. Only 2,500 will be made available as a reminder of this milestone year.

Elegance Collection

Women’s Automatic Limited Edition (STGK015)
Powered by an automatic movement specially designed for the Grand Seiko women’s collection, this slimline timepiece features 45 diamonds framing the face finished in trademark Grand Seiko blue.

Sport Collection

Quartz Limited Edition (SBGP015)
Built to be impervious to an active life, the water-and-scratch-resistant Quartz Limited Edition will be made in only 2,000 individually crafted pieces.

Heritage Re-creations
In a nod to the origins of Japan’s finest luxury watches, Grand Seiko announced three re-creations of the first Grand Seiko. Finished in platinum, yellow gold or brilliant hard titanium, the modern remake of a 1960s classic artfully transports the original desire to “build the world’s best watch” into the 21st century.

No shortcuts to quality

Lexus and Seiko embody the Japanese concept of takumi. Meaning ‘skilful’ or ‘artisan’, takumi represents mastery of an art form and is reserved for a select few. Requiring more than 60,000 hours of practice to attain the designation, takumis are continually assessed for precision and artistry.

Both brands employ takumi to ensure their products meet the superb standards discerning customers expect. Every Lexus vehicle is designed and hand-checked by takumis who scrutinise every stitch and panel, while Grand Seiko takumis meld function and form with an erudite precision that delights in every detail from zaratsu polishing to Grand Seiko’s unique 80-hour continuous timekeeping.

Perth’s exclusive home of Grand Seiko luxury watches

From Japan to Perth, Grand Seiko has found a home among its contemporaries in luxury watchmaking at Smales Jewellers. The extensive range of Grand Seiko watches has been carefully hand-picked, resulting in a selection of men’s and women’s watches not found anywhere else in Perth.

Browse our current range of Grand Seiko watches online, or contact us for pricing and availability of the special 60th-anniversary range.

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