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Gemstones of Prosperity and Good Fortune

For centuries coloured gemstones are believed to have deep meanings and spiritual properties, some bringing good health and some bringing good luck. From ancient Egyptian times to most recent royalty weddings, coloured gemstones mixed with pure gold and/or diamonds, have wowed society and has symbolised great happiness and prosperity.

Nowadays, coloured gemstones are chosen by their intense beauty from colour or design. Their connection to the earth and to the individual differs from person to person, yet their unique ability to add a smile to someone’s face never changes.

Here are some of our coloured gemstone jewellery known to symbolise great meaning, symbolic of good fortune, wisdom, prosperity and more.

Which one’s right for you? Find out below.

Yellow Citrine Gemstones (The Lucky Merchants Stone)

Yellow citrine stones are known to manifest success in business. It is said to carry the power of the sun with its vibrancy and shine. So if you are wanting to attract money and luck into your business this is the stone for you.

At Smales Jewellers there are bespoke mixed stone necklaces, pendants and rings. Here is one of many on display in showrooms. Designed in house and created by hand.

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Green Sapphires (Worn for Protection and Wealth)

Most people do not realize sapphires offer more than beauty and an array of colours. The stones are believed to ignite wealth and recover lost wealth. It is a wisdom stone to help you make the right choices in life. Green sapphires in particular are also believed to be good luck charms.

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Green Beryls (Worn for Harmony)

On the topic of the colour green, this colour is not only earthy and beautiful it also symbolizes growth and harmony. Green beryl’s are beautiful when designed as cocktail rings or large pendants. They are eye catching as well as captivating.

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Red Garnets (Worn for Healing and Good Health)

Red Garnets are believed to be healing, believed to be good for blood circulation. Red garnets are extremely durable, and do not scratch easily, making them a beautiful stone for jewellery. Marry a garnet stone with platinum or yellow gold for maximum bling factor.

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Green Peridots (Worn for Good Fortune)

Peridot is one of the prettiest of all green gems, occurring in a colour that is the epitome of grass green. Wearing a Peridot gemstone is thought to being luck and good sense, as well as stronger friendships and a knack for attracting wealth.

These gemstones are unique and deep in colour, making them a beautiful pendant or ring. Match them with white brilliant cut diamonds or with while gold to allow these unique stones to shine.

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For more information about our priceless and timeless pieces. Whether for you, a friend, a partner, send us your details or enquiry here.

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