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Engagement Ring Predictions for 2018

This year’s high-profile royal engagements has everyone buzzed on classic diamond trilogy creations to rather sizeable and rare coloured gemstones inspiring social media frenzies on what’s hot right now.

Smales Jewellers have definitely seen strong trends in 2017 where size does matters and coloured gemstones have made a comeback, but for those of you who just want a little piece of you in a design well the trend for custom designed rings definitely kept the company busy last year and we can’t see this part of the business slowing down anytime soon.

Below we have broken down our 2018 wedding and engagement ring predictions for this year.

meghan markle engagement ring photo large

1. Trilogy Diamond Engagement Rings

With Price Harry’s engagement to Megan Markle the world took a glimpse at the classic diamond trilogy engagement ring Megan wore on her hand. The classic 3 stoned ring features a large centre diamond with two small diamonds on either side. Its classic style is not only poised with sophistication but with timeless grace.

2. Opals Engagement Rings

Opals have been known to be the birthstone of October born babies with its blue and turquoise characteristics. However more brides to be are looking at these mesmerising stones and their unique colours as centre stone engagement rings. Opals generally fall into one of five types including; Black, Dark, Light, Boulder, and Matrix. Yet it is the lighter stones which are trending when coupled with platinum or rose gold for a more vintage look.

opals medium

3. Topaz Centre Stones

Blue and beautiful topaz engagement rings are so pretty they almost represent a fairytale faraway land. Topaz gems can come in various colours including the most popular pink and blues.

topaz 2 medium

4. Pink Diamonds

With almost 90% of pink diamonds being derived from the Kimberleys in Western Australia these diamonds are rare and exquisite. Known to be the diamond of choice for many celebrities the price of a pink diamond can set you back thousands of dollars, but here is the good news; the value of pink diamonds have appreciated with time, and providing there won’t be another mine site discovered anytime soon once the Kimberley minesite shuts its operation (predicted in the next decade) these gemstones will be worth well over the price you can purchase them today.

Smales Jewellers also have its popular Blush range of pinks which are entry level pink diamond jewellery ranges for those who want to own a pink diamond without the price tag. These diamonds have a lesser pink intensity in colour but are just as stunning.

5. Claw Designs

Last year diamond halo engagement rings were everywhere, but the latest emerging trend are rings set in unique claw settings and in various gold colours. For example this amazing sapphire ring set in rose gold and white gold hold its centre stone with triangular claws adding to the ring’s design features.

claws medium

6. Pear cuts

Diamond pear cut engagement rings have always been around but its variation in design has increased in the past two years. Now pear shaped diamond rings can be surrounded by halos of diamonds, or created with three centre stones or simply as one large solitaire. The choices have become so vast custom designs of this style has increased and we can’t see this trend slowing down anytime soon.

Destiny Teardrop Shape Halo DER A medium

7. Rose Gold

Rose gold was huge in 2017 and the trend continues in 2018. This feminine soft pink in colour trend goes with almost anything, so pairing it with platinum, white gold or even yellow gold seems to only enhance its colour further. Versatility is key when matching this other jewellery especially with stacked designs and wedding bands.

Desire Diamond Basket DER A medium

8. Assymetrical designs

We saw the emergence of this trend last year and it seems to be evolving to dress rings, earrings and engagement rings. Asymmetrical in shape but balanced in design these beautiful rings are incredibly beautiful clustered or stacked.

inspo medium

9. Oval Cut Diamonds

Oval cut diamond rings represent old world luxury. A time when handcrafted art was cherished and celebrated. These rings teamed up with mixed metals, diamonds, rubies, and/or even sapphires bring those dreamy ethereal styles back in fashion.

10. Classics

Even with emerging trends each year the classic solitaire remains as popular as ever. The world of jewellery may evolve with time but nothing beats a beautiful solitaire engagement ring. Hearts on Fire diamonds known for their perfectly cut diamonds is one of Smales Jewellers most popular brands. A HOF diamond solitaire, custom designed in rose gold, platinum or yellow gold is still as timeless as it was a decade ago.

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