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Grand Seiko watches are more than simply a timepiece. The Japanese master watchmaker balances heritage and contemporary style, luxury and versatility, elegance and everyday use. In every Grand Seiko watch, there is a little bit of history refined over one-and-a-half centuries. Gifting a Grand Seiko begins a new chapter in this sartorial saga for the corporate role model in your life.

Smales is the home of Grand Seiko watches in Perth. We showcase and retail the range of luxury watches in all our WA showrooms. Visit us in Subiaco, Bunbury, Kalgoorlie, Karratha and Geraldton in time for Christmas to come around.

Give a Grand Christmas Gift

Meaningful gifts are hard to find. The treasured item that shows you’ve listened all year to the hints (both spoken and silent) and searched for the thing that conveys what words can’t. Giving a Grand Seiko watch is a timeless expression of gratitude, respect, camaraderie, loyalty – sentiments words can’t fully express for the CEO, CFO, Board member or long-serving manager making a positive impact on their organisation.

We hand-picked some of the best Grand Seiko watches in Perth to make your Christmas gifting easier. For the full range, visit us in-store or browse our website collection.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive Black Date GMT Dial

Combining the motive force of a powerful mainspring with the high precision of a quartz watch, Seiko’s unique Spring Drive keeps incredibly accurate time for many years.

The deep black of the ring and dial is further intensified by high-quality sapphire glass, while a GMT hand and the gliding second hand maintain a connection to the universal passing of time.

Grand Seiko Silver Dial Stainless Steel Sports Watch

Balancing a slim-form case with a slightly increased size gives this watch a subtle emphasis of presence. Do you know a man like that? One whose presence is naturally larger than life, owing to the energy and passion with which they pursue experiences?

The simplicity and style of this watch, plus the 3-day continuous motion from Grand Seiko’s 9R61 calibre, is a mirror for that uniquely energised personality.

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Grand Seiko Men’s Automatic Cal 9S86

Integrating the high-specification movement of Grand Seiko’s 9S86 calibre within a classic silhouette case gives this watch goes-with-everything excellence ideally suited to frequent travellers. The GMT hand shows the time at home or abroad, depending on where the wearer is in the world.

And thanks to the highly accurate calibre, 1/5 second scale, elegant finish and 55-hour power reserve, this watch truly can take the wearer anywhere in style.

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Grand Seiko watches represent the pinnacle of Japanese watchmaking expertise. Every part of the process is an expression of art and technology meeting, from the classic designs to revolutionary timekeeping technology, right through to the Takumi whose experienced eye guarantees the final product meets Seiko’s standards.

Every inspirational leader leaves an impression. Now is the time to return the favour, with a gift they will treasure for the remainder of their tenure and long beyond.

Discover the full range of Grand Seiko watches in Perth at Smales and make time to visit a showroom for the ultimate corporate Christmas gift.

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