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Coming soon: Oris Dat Watt Limited Edition

Oris is a Swiss luxury watch brand that has always prioritised their Change for the Better projects. They follow the highest standards of sustainability and over the last decade, Oris has worked with non-profit environmental organisations and clean-up movements all over the world. Their latest project is with the Wadden Sea Secretariat that works to conserve and protect the Wadden Sea, the world’s largest unbroken tidal flat system. In 2009, UNESCO awarded it World Heritage Site status to reflect its importance to global biodiversity.

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This life changing partnership has led to the Dat Watt Limited Edition watch. Based on the Oris Aquis diver’s watch, the Dat Watt Limited Edition is named after a local dialect for the Wadden Sea. The 2,009 pieces mark the year the Wadden Sea was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

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The Dat Watt Limited Edition is a special watch. Its dial displays the lunar cycle and tidal range in the Northern Hemisphere via the Oris-developed Pointer Moon function, created for professional divers. This works using a central white pointer hand that once aligned with the correct day in the 29.5-day lunar cycle, shows the corresponding tidal range via the white outline on the dial. The same hand indicates the waxing and waning of the moon.

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Screen Shot 2022 02

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