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Argyle Pink Diamonds – Own a Piece of History

Rare in their availability and with a mystifying pink hue, one thing’s for certain about Smales’ collection of Argyle pink diamonds in Perth – to own one is to occupy a unique place in rare gem history.

Pinks diamond aspirants have a new chance to secure this uncommon beauty in their vaults thanks to Rio Tinto recently announcing that their Argyle mine will hold one of its last ever tenders for pink diamonds.

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Is Rio Tinto's Argyle Mine really closing?

Yes, Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine is closing. Currently supplying over 90 per cent of the world’s production, the mine’s resources are depleted hence the forecasted closure at the end of 2020. Only two countries other than Australia are known to yield the diamond so rare that it never makes it to the open market, them being Brazil and South Africa. Australia’s Argyle pink diamond will go down in history as the undisputed queen though, thanks to the vibrancy of its colour.

So with only a year to go, this latest tender gives diamond traders like Smales Jewellers – who proudly deliver argyle pink diamonds to Perth – the chance to make a silent bid on 64 pink stones of perfection.

Argyle Pink diamond values set to soar

How does a 500 per cent increase in value sound? That’s the figure already achieved over the last 20 years. Once there are no new Argyle pink diamonds entering the market, experts can only guess at the stratospheric sums one stone will command.

Considering the famed Argyle Muse, a massive 2.28-carat fancy purplish-red stone sold for a rumoured $14-21 million in 2018, you’d best sell a handful of country estates and blue chip portfolios before the bidding starts again.

Why are Argyle pink diamonds pink?

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In a previous Smales blog as to Why There Is So Much Fuss Around Pink Diamonds, we learnt that an argyle pink diamond is actually a flawed creation – a clear diamond with a ‘defect centre’. All pure, clear diamonds are made of carbon atoms in a lattice-like form. A pink diamond has a fault in this lattice where at least one of the carbon atoms is missing, or nature has replaced it with another element.

It’s a happy accident that results in the most alluring of gemstones.

Argyle pink diamonds are highly sought after because of their natural compositions, which give them a colour hue like no other sourced pink diamond. These diamonds are only found in the Kimberleys North West of Australia.

Smales Jewellers hand selects a number of these beautiful stones and creates stunning bespoke engagement rings and other jewellery.

How can I own a piece of Argyle Pink Diamond history?

Argyle Pink Diamonds are not out of your reach as you may think. Smales Jewellers has made it their business to bring an accessible collection of blush pink diamonds to compliment your collection of jewellery.

Smales Bespoke’ Argyle Pink and White Diamond Ring is designed in 18ct white gold. Featuring a criss cross double band alternating pink and white round brilliant cut diamonds, making it a beautiful engagement ring for anyone with their heart set on pinks or on something which could go up in value because of its rarity.

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Smales’ Mon Petit Range is all about rose gold and Argyle pink diamonds in the perfect union, from the Mon Petit Flower Pendant to an assortment of stud, huggie and hoop earrings from only $1350.

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Once you have invested in an Argyle pink diamond, you’ll know your investment will be an ever-appreciating one. Please call or visit any of our five locations around WA – Subiaco, Bunbury, Kalgoorlie, Karratha and Geraldton, to see the full range of Smales pink diamonds in Perth.

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