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Rules of Engagement – Diamond Jewellery Trends for 2022

Choosing the perfect ring for your adored partner should be a joyful process, so we thought we’d help you out by highlighting some of the biggest engagement ring trends and things to consider for 2022. Whether you choose a ring together or search for the ultimate romantic surprise, our range of diamond engagement rings is the perfect place to start.

How much does an engagement ring cost?

As with many things, the cost of your engagement ring is dependent on your budget. If you have saved a significant amount, you can afford a larger gem, but remember, the most crucial aspect of purchasing an engagement ring is choosing a piece that truly symbolises your love for each other. Love comes in many forms, and so do engagement rings. Gone are the days of one months salary, nowdays it is more about what you want and how much are you willing to spend.

The Four C's

Carat weight, colour, cut, and clarity are the four characteristics of diamonds that affect their price, value and beauty. Understanding what to look for when you are buying will help you make an informed decision. Read our Diamond Buying Guide for more information.

Should I surprise my partner with an engagement ring, or should I consult them before buying?

Deciding how much you want to involve your loved one is a personal preference. If you feel you have a good idea of what they would like and know they will love the element of surprise and romance, then come into one of our showrooms and choose an engagement ring. If you decide to choose together, we can help you find your perfect ring.

Read on to learn more about the top trends in engagement ring styles for 2022.

Unique Cuts – Oval is trending but should you follow the trend?

This year, unique cuts are making a comeback, with oval engagement rings hitting new heights of popularity and being one of our best sellers of 2021. Oval cuts offer excellent sparkle and fire, whilst channeling a renaissance feel. These rings maybe trending but we predict in 2022 are these cuts with a slight twist.

Ovals with halos, ovals with diamond bands, ovals with side stones, the choices are endless, followin trends is one thing, but then creating your own is another.

Our top oval engagement ring picks:

The Sarah Oval Ring

Asset 1

The Asja Oval Solitaire

The Emma Rose Ring

Wedding Bands to plain or not to plain?

In 2022, we are already seeing wedding bands which are showstoppers in themselves. Some people are choosing to add pink argyle diamonds in their band, or different sized stones. Delicate and finely crafted, diamond wedding bands offer extra flash and fire, creating extraordinary style when paired with a beautiful engagement ring. Our top jewelled wedding band picks:

Hearts on Fire Aurora Five-Stone Halo Band

ShopifyDimensions 2021 07

Hearts on Fire Gracious Diamond Band

Asset 1 1

Fancy a Fancy?

We predict a significant increase in the demand for fancy coloured gems in 2021, from stunning sapphires and pink diamond engagement rings to breathtaking yellow diamonds, here are our top picks:

Radiant Cut Pink Diamond Ring

Asset 1 2

From exquisitely cut oval diamonds to fancy coloured gems, 2022 promises to bring a breath of fresh air to engagement ring design, with couples choosing unique pieces that truly reflect the depth of their love.

Why choose Smales for your diamond bridal jewellery in Perth?

Since 1937, Smales has offered our customers an extraordinary range of stunning diamond jewellery, luxury watches, and exquisite accessories. Still proudly owned and operated by the Smales family, our showrooms are now in Perth (Subiaco), Bunbury, Geraldton, and Karratha.

As one of Western Australia’s oldest jewellers and watchmakers, our reputation as unrivalled experts in diamond engagement rings, bridal jewellery, and watchmaking have cemented our place as luxury jewellery designers of choice in Perth.

Contact us today or visit one of our showrooms across WA and discuss how we can help find you the perfect bridal jewellery for your special day in 2022.

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