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A Night Filled with a Kaleidoscope of Diamonds Event

As 2019 comes to a close, Smales Jewellers celebrated in style with some of their most valued customers, colleagues and suppliers on December 4th.

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In a heritage Perth site, named Moana Hall, the Jewellers launched their most current and prized collection named Kaleidoscope – named after the natural array of colours in diamonds and gemstones depicting the natural colours of the world and in particular the local landscapes and oceans.

The collection was an 8 month process, created solely within the Smales Subiaco and Bunbury Atelier. The 24 piece collection was showcased at the event, with an offering of cocktail rings, pendants and earrings. The event also showcased Montblanc, and the new Hearts on Fire – Hayley Paige diamond wedding bands and engagement rings collection.

Highlights of the Event

The night welcomed some very special guests including reptiles (which were a part of the Smales mid- year brand campaign) and their owners from Slithers and Slides. Guests were wowed by how enchanting the animals were, whilst being held and patted by some very interested people.

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The night held three silent auctions in collaboration with Montblanc to raise funds for the St John of God hospital’s Gift of Hope initiative – A Gift of Hope is a gift of financial support provided to in-need Australians suffering from a life-threatening condition such as cancer. A Gift of Hope can help to fund medical treatment (prescribed by a medical oncologist) that is not currently available on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

The Kaleidoscope collection is currently being showcased at the Smales Subiaco showroom, and is open 7 days a week over summer.Since 1937 Smales Jewellers has been handcrafting bespoke diamond jewellery for Australia.Known for their selection of luxury brands, such as Montblanc writing instruments. The company is also a destination for finest bridal diamond jewellery, pink argyle diamonds, and Australian opals and gold nuggets.

We invite you to view the beautiful collection of coloured diamonds and gemstones for yourself and witness how rare and beautiful each jewellery piece is brought to life through the artistry of design, colour and experience.

To view more of the KALEIDOSCOPE collection please call 08 9382 3222 or visit

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