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A KALEIDOSCOPE of Colour – Smales Celebrates with a Bespoke Diamond and Coloured Gemstone Collection

Smales Jewellers Launches their New KALEIDOSCOPE Collection for 2019

Gemstones in every colour of the rainbow, sourced from all corners of the world, possessing a unique collection handmade by Smales.

This year the jeweller made a conscious decision to launch a new collection based entirely on the colour and beauty of Australia and its oceanic surrounds.

The collection named Kaleidoscope is crafted with coloured diamonds and complementary gemstones, combining modern arrangements with classic elements to ooze luxury and glamour never seen before.

The Western Australian jeweller has been retailing since 1937, and has preserved its original location on Hannan Street in Kalgoorlie. It was here the business commenced retailing luxury watches and gold jewellery, evolving to an array of beautifully crafted diamond collections we see today.

The intricately handmade designs catch the eye with not only their unique colours but with their celestial-inspired shapes and striking diamond facets of deep and shimmering blues, reds, greens and golds.

Range of Bespoke Diamond and Coloured Jewellery

The collection consists of engagement rings, cocktail rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants. Each with their own astonishing gemstone, sapphires, rubies, or coloured diamonds – to name a few.

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IMG E5399 compact
IMG E5468 compact

Key to the collection was the inclusion of versatile pieces like the yellow gold and garnet matching ring and bangle set inspired by the Australian sun casting its colours onto the red earth in remote areas of WA’s coral coast.

In addition, Celebration pieces were meticulously crafted, like a champagne & green coloured diamonds to signify Australian Wattle Trees, and a Peacock Blue engagement ring with white side diamonds inspired by the crystal blue reefs which surround the country’s coastal areas.

IMG E5408 compact
IMG E5405 compact

Each piece was sketched, drawn & designed with incredible precision. Everyone at Smales was involved with the process, but it was ultimately the jewellers who brought the inspirations alive. Every piece is a one off creation, a reminder of how precious some of our eco systems and places are….once they are gone they can never be replaced.

The collection is made for those who have an appreciation of the earth; its unique artistry, design & all the living beings within it.

To view more of the KALEIDOSCOPE collection please call 08 9382 3222 or visit

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