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When you take the precise and particular minds of the Japanese, and combine them with the beautiful art of measuring time, it was always only a question of when, and not if, some outstanding timepieces would be born.
So it was in 1892 that a seismic shift in Japan’s skill in horological invention took place when Kintaro Hattori established the ‘Seikosha’ timepiece factory. (‘Seiko’ meaning exquisite, minute or success. ‘Sha’ denoting house.) What began with clocks and then Japan’s first ever wrist watch, has transformed over time to become the great Seiko dynasty of beautiful luxury watches – now available at Smales Jewellers.


Grand Seiko Watches in Perth

Rather than give you a piece-by-piece tutorial, let’s concentrate on some of the cornerstones of Seiko luxury watch assembly.

• The Diashock (invented in 1956) ensures longevity of Seiko watches thanks to its ability to absorb impact in one of the most vulnerable parts of the watch, the balance-staff pivot. Its protective quality is astounding considering it measures about the same thickness as a human hair.

• Magic levers are the self-winding mechanism in every Seiko watch sold today. First created by Seiko in 1959, they instantly dominated the world market thanks to their low-cost construction and excellent winding quality.

• New technologies. It’s not as if the makers of Seiko watches need to invent new steps in watchmaking. Their pioneering creations over the last century stand up well enough on their own, but Seiko continues to improve, for example in their spring drive range, and probably only because it’s the Japanese way to continually invent and modify.

Just as Grand Crus is the epitome of a fine wine, the Grand Seiko is the architype of Seiko design. Smales Jewellers has many Grand Seiko’s to whet a devotee’s appetite. You could get all of the ‘bells and whistles’ with an elaborate chronograph. Or have a hard time choosing your favourite from the many stylish but beautifully individual Seiko dress watches.
Ladies also have a wealth of choice from Smales’ quality Seiko watches, from the demure to diamond set, Japanese function courts elegance in every Seiko creation.
As an authorised Perth dealer for the pick of the world’s most classic timepieces, Smales Jewellers is proud to have Grand Seiko luxury watches sitting right beside other famous brands like Montblanc and Oris.
Why shop Smales Jewellers? Well, because it holds limited edition Grand Seiko watches whereby only 1500pcs are made worldwide. These watches in particular hold their value and most certainly can be given as a beautiful heirloom.
When you desire to own a beautiful Grand Seiko luxury watch, both functional and steeped in historical value, Smales stands ready to assist you in their showrooms at Subiaco, Bunbury, Kalgoorlie, Karratha and Geraldton.