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Hearts On Fire Diamond Jewellery

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Hearts On Fire diamonds and diamond jewellery - ‘The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond’ - are exclusive to Smales in Western Australia.

This collection provides all our showrooms with an unmatched selection of diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, dress rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants.
When you purchase a Hearts On Fire diamond, you are buying The Most Perfectly Cut Diamond In The World®. Hearts On Fire is the ONLY diamond brand that can make this exclusive statement of perfection. With a precise selection of the rarest diamond crystals, Hearts On Fire's master craftsmen then cut and polish at 100x magnification. The rest of the industry only operates at 10x magnification. With its proprietary cutting formula, Hearts On Fire achieves perfect symmetry, perfect proportions, perfect polish, and perfect alignment that displays incomparable sparkle and brilliance that you can truly see.
While all other diamonds in the world display partial, imperfect, or sometimes even no patterns of light, Hearts On Fire captures light in such a perfect way that it reveals eight perfectly symmetrical hearts and Fireburst ® patterns every single time.
Simply put, a Hearts On Fire diamond sparkles more than any other!