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Grand Seiko is one of the most understated luxury watch brands offering beautiful timepieces, meticulously made by master craftsmen.  Using seamless movements and the highest grade materials these watches are known to have the most accurate time in the world. From the very first Grand Seiko watch to the latest collection of today, every Grand Seiko luxury watch has shared the functional beauty and design that has always been its hallmark.


The History Behind Grand Seiko Luxury Watches

After nearly 60 years, the Grand Seiko still represents the height of Japanese artistry and precision. Created in 1960, the first Grand Seiko was crafted to be a beautiful, versatile and exacting timepiece. Following the success of Seiko’s other mechanised watches, the brand pushed for further advancements in search of the ‘ultimate’ watch. Despite challenges and adversity, the team was able to design the first Japanese watch to meet the Swiss standard of chronometer excellence; the Bureaux Officiels de Contrôle de la Marche des Montres.


The Evolution of Grand Seiko

Committed to producing perfection, the team at Seiko facilitated the evolution of the original 1960 Grand Seiko. Four years later, the Grand Seiko Self-dater was created, showcasing an array of new practical features, including 50m water resistance and calendar capabilities. During the rest of the 1960s, the Grand Seiko watches continued to advance and develop, adding features including a self-winding design and increased time-keeping accuracy. This culminated in the highest award from the Geneva observatory in 1968, prompting the Grand Seiko to showcase increased time precision to a discrepancy of fewer than ±1 minute per month.

Throughout the 1970s a thinner design was fashioned in order to increase wearability, as well as continued improvements in time precision. By the 1980s the first Grand Seiko quartz watch was produced, further increasing time accuracy to ±10 seconds per year. The 1990s saw the persistent development of the quartz watch and the creation of a new mechanism to meet the demands of the changing times.

By the 21st century, the meticulous accuracy of the earlier Grand Seiko watch was further built upon with features for the modern world, such as anti-magnetic capabilities of up to 40, 000 A/m, to prevent time interference from electronic devices. The new Spring Drive mechanism was also developed to provide greater accuracy and battery reserves were increased to 8 days.

In honour of the Grand Seiko’s 60th Anniversary, the brand will release a new, high beat mechanical calibre 9SA5, with 100 limited edition versions to be released in August 2020. The new model includes pioneering features such as a 36, 000 vph movement, improved battery store and dual impulse escapement, increasing efficiency. It also incorporates a newly developed free-sprung balance, which reduces friction and shock damage and an overcoil to equalise and perfect timing accuracy. Additionally, the horizontal gear chain allows for slender design and functionality. Naturally, style has not been compromised. Inspired by Mt Iwate and the Shizukuishi River near the Grand Seiko Studio, the slim and functional design has been engineered for comfort and elegance, featuring an 18-karat gold frame and lettering.

Why Choose a Grand Seiko?

Despite the continued technological evolution of the Grand Seiko, the classic style and precise craftmanship have remained the same. This fusion between tradition, innovation and luxury make the Grand Seiko luxury watch a perfect and enduring timepiece. For more information about the Grand Seiko, visit one of our Smales showrooms in Subiaco or regional Western Australia, where we would be glad to offer you expert advice. Smales Jewellers are authorised dealers of the Grand Seiko luxury Japanese time pieces and have had an enduring partnership with the brand for over 40 years. Originating in Kalgoorlie in 1937, Smales Jewellers has been owned and operated by the Smales family ever since, making them one of Western Australia’s oldest and most respected jewellers.