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Engagement Rings for Women

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There are two great certainties when it comes time to choose an engagement ring in Perth.

First, you are now convinced that you cannot live without this exceptional person in your life.

Second, the engagement ring must suit your soon-to-be spouse’s individual style.

That’s where trusting in the carefully selected range, the beautiful array of precious stones and the uniquely handcrafted designs of Perth’s famous Smales Jewellers is essential.

We understand the precision it takes to achieve the inner fire of a diamond. It’s why we’re still crafting the Smales collection of engagement rings after over 80 years of service. And if the perfect solution doesn’t already sit amongst the Smales collection, we’ll happily custom-design it for you. Beautifully handcrafted, Smales has onsite jewellers to help bring your ultimate engagement ring design into a reality.

Those on the periphery of jewel crafting may still believe engagement rings only showcase white diamonds. In the modern world of Smales Jewellery, we ensure we deliver engagement rings to Perth that showcase colour as much as clarity. From sapphires to pink diamonds and garnets, the ultimate expression of love awaits you at Smales Jewellers.

The perfect partner to Smales own engagement rings is the breathtaking Hearts On Fire collection. Purely and simply the world’s most perfectly cut diamond, Smales has makes certain you have the depth of choice only a serious supplier of engagement rings in Perth can provide.

Custom Designs

Favourite engagement ring styles vary from person to person so it’s not unusual to want something that sits just outside of our current collection. Our in-house designers can create anything you dare to dream, walking you through the ring styles: classic claw set, stunning solitaire, diamond band, halo setting, three stone settings and beautiful plain bands.

While settings are important, the cut of the jewel is the mark of a true precious gemstone craftsman. This is where Smales shines, understanding the angles and shapes of a diamond cut to bring out the fire that wearers so desperately crave. From Asscher cut to Emerald or Marquise cut, we know what works and have the imagination to make magic happen. All you have to do is ask!

Engagement Rings in Perth

Finding the perfect engagement ring should be just like finding your true love – effortless, natural and joyous. At Smales, we endeavour to make this a reality with the greatest range of engagement rings in Perth from the hands of expert onsite jewellers.

If true love has come knocking on your door, come to ours in Subiaco, Bunbury, Kalgoorlie, Karratha or Geraldton and we’ll help you capture the moment, beautifully.