Bespoke Ring & Jewellery Design

Let us create your perfect engagement ring, wedding ring or other special piece to express your individual style and personality.

Our bespoke jewellery design service, available at our Perth (Subiaco), Bunbury and Kalgoorlie showrooms, offers custom design and handcrafting by our highly skilled teams of in-house jewellers who will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

Designed to your specifications, you can feel confident that your creation will be crafted to your exact requirements.

We use only the highest quality diamonds, hearts on fire diamonds, coloured gems and metals, which is combined with our commitment to quality and precision ensures workmanship of the very highest standards.

Accomplished in computer-aided design (CAD), our jewellers can also create a realistic 3D computer-generated concept of your piece where specific detail is required. 

Our bespoke service has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.