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Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko Elegance Shosho Watch



This watch is made to celebrate the forever changing seasons.  In Japan the four seasons each are experienced six different ways, each with their own unique phases.  This watch celebrates Shōsho. one of these 24 seasons experienced in Japan.

The blue dial and wave is made to mirror the arrival of summer at the end of the rainy season to celebrate Shōsho.. The warm wind creates delicate ripples in the many thousands of lakes and ponds that shimmer in the early summer sun throughout Japan. 

Case Size: Diameter 39.5mm × Thickness 14.1mm  

Specifications:  Stainless steel with box shaped sapphire crystal glass, Automatic movement with manual winding, Splash Resistance, 150.0 gram weight, , Calendar-linked time difference adjustment function, 24 hour hand with dual time display function, Case back with 6 screws and lion emblem, 37 Jewels.