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Arnold & Son

Arnold & Son

Smales Jewellers Perth is proud to introduce Arnold & Son to their luxury watch collection.

John Arnold founded a watchmaking company in London in 1764 and soon established a reputation as a specialist in marine timepieces, inventing both the detent escapement and the bimetallic balance. His son, John Roger, joined the firm in 1796, and Arnold & Son rapidly became the leading supplier of chronometers to the Royal Navy. The brand's prowess in the development and production of in-house movements is reflected by an impressive collection of Arnold & Son calibres with a complete range of sophisticated complications. Inspired by John Arnold’s relentless quest for precision and innovative technology, the modern-day Arnold & Son company keeps this fine English watchmaking tradition alive at its headquarters in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the cradle of modern Swiss watchmaking.

The collection is showcased in the Subiaco jewellers showroom and is the only destination in Western Australia where the iconic brand is retailed.