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Hearts On Fire Diamond Cut

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Hearts On Fire Proprietary Diamond Cut

A Hearts On Fire diamond is known for being The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond® - the only diamond promised to be cut perfectly every single time. 

Cut quality refers to the proportions, symmetry and polish, which ultimately results in the performance of diamonds. Diamonds that are poorly cut can look smaller than they actually are because weight is hidden on the bottom of the diamond.

Hearts On Fire has developed proprietary technology that promises each Hearts On Fire diamond is cut perfectly every single time. It has allowed the company to claim the title of ‘The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond’.

To ensure a perfect, high-quality cut, Hearts On Fire only crafts round or square ‘Dream®’ diamonds - the name for the company’s patented square cut.

Smales' Perth (Subiaco), Bunbury and Kalgoorlie showrooms are the exclusive retailers of Hearts On Fire diamond jewellery in Western Australia.

Learn more in this short video.