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Natural Pink diamonds are renowned for their exquisite beauty and can be incredibly sought after given their increase in value year on year.

The Argyle pink diamond is one of the most esteemed diamonds in the world, with their colour and unique formation only found in the North West of Australia.

At Smales Jewellers these beautiful gemstones are sourced meticulously and sold as loose gemstones or created into bespoke jewellery collections designed to be cherished generation after generation. 


1. Are Pink Diamonds Natural?

All pink diamonds sold by Smales Jewellers are 100% natural Argyle pink diamonds, formed deep underground and unearthed to create exquisite pink diamond jewellery. Just like white diamonds, pink diamonds form over 1 billion years or more.

Argyle pink diamonds – whether crafted into pink diamond rings, wedding bands or other pieces – are presented with a certificate of authenticity. As with all coloured stones, the intensity of colour can range from a subtle blush of pink through to a vibrant rose-red. If a diamond is not naturally pink or features a secondary colour, this must be reflected on the purchase certificate.

Argyle pink diamonds receive a GIA colour grading, but are also graded using their own scale which our jewellers can explain in more detail.


2. Where are pink diamonds found?

Pink diamonds are so valuable because they are incredibly rare. Only around 0.01% of the world’s diamonds are pink – and the best stones come from right here in Western Australia.

Natural pink diamonds are mined in Russia, Brazil, Siberia, Tanzania, and Canada, however Argyle pink diamonds, mined in the remote East Kimberley region in our state’s north, are generally regarded as the world standard. This is due to their clarity, size and purity. However only around 0.1% of the 20 million carats mined at Argyle are pink. This makes the stones even more rare and sought after than regular diamonds.


3. Pink diamonds vs regular diamonds

Structurally, pink diamonds are identical to clear (white) diamonds. The main difference is how rare pink diamonds are, which makes the blushing stones coveted around the world. Because they signify rarity and beauty, you will often see pink diamond engagement rings and pink diamond wedding bands.

The romantic colouring of natural pink diamonds is a source of some mystery. Unlike other coloured stones with have trace mineral elements, natural pink diamonds are pure. Geologists believe the colour comes from intense heat and pressure which changes the molecular structure to reflect light differently.


4. About the carat of a pink diamond

All diamonds are weighed in carats; it is one of the “Four Cs” of diamond grading (along with colour, cut and clarity). Although there are more attributes that decide a diamond’s value, the four Cs popularised by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the baseline.

In general, pink diamonds are more valuable per carat than a colourless diamond of equivalent clarity and cut due to their covetousness and rarity. Further, pink diamonds are valued based on colour intensity with the deeper shades found in Argyle pink diamonds fetching a higher value than light tints. Carat weight and colour intensity are the strongest influences on the retail price of pink diamonds that go into pink diamond rings and other jewellery.