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Smales Bridal Collection 2021

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Smales has been a part of the greatest love stories for generations. Designed with precision, quality and incredible beauty to last a lifetime.  

This year's collection is inspired by The West Australian Ballet, with each and every diamond ring named after one of the dancers. 

A signature blue sapphire is embedded in each and every Smales ring within this collection. The blue signifies the quality and craftsmanship the brand strives to accomplish with each and every diamond creation.

Smales Jewellers are proud to be one of the oldest jewellers in Western Australia with over 80 years of experience. Their respect and knowledge for the earth's precious resources, allows them to create stunning jewellery from local Kalgoorlie gold, Argyle pink diamonds and Australian South Sea pearls. Their expression and innovation is seen through the meticulous attention to detail in each and every Smales design.