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The saying, “Time has a way of showing us what really matters” is never truer than when it is applied to the amazing evolution of Montblanc and its famed Swiss luxury watches.

Montblanc’s 160 years in operation, coupled with their continuing availability through Smales Jewellers, ensures you can enjoy magnificent timepieces that not only symbolise an on-going pioneering spirit… but a masterful coupling of time and fashion.


Swiss Luxury Watches and Accessories

Montblanc luxury watches haven’t just acquired their exalted reputation by association with Switzerland, although it seems that the Swiss have always had stratospheric success at creating luxury timepieces. Experts all agree that Montblanc watches are exceptional thanks to the maker’s steadfast resolve to build all watches by hand and with 316L surgical steel, which has a greater resistance to corrosion.

Finish every Montblanc watch with extremely hard sapphire crystal for the ‘face’ and you have an awfully durable creation.

The wider population of WA has access to Montblanc timepieces due to the five Smales Jewellery showrooms around the state. That’s Subiaco, Bunbury and Kalgoorlie, Karratha and Geraldton.

From beautiful chronographs with time and calendar information to the tracking of moon phases, and on some special occasions the addition of an 18k gold dial, the Swiss luxury watches of Montblanc will have you looking as classic and timeless or as modern and super-stylish as anyone who seeks the heights of understated fashion.

Our staff at every Smales showroom will be happy to show you our Montblanc Swiss luxury watch range but why stop there when there are exquisitely crafted Montblanc accessories to peruse as well? Leather bags, belts, wallets and cufflinks begin the collection, ending with an array of fountain, ballpoint and roller ball pens that turn the act of writing into an expression of personality. View our men’s jewellery and gift ideas range for more inspiration.

Smales Jewellers have the blessing from Montblanc’s headquarters in Villeret, Switzerland to be an authorised reseller in WA. You can rest assured that our Montblanc watches and accessories are 100% genuine, keeping equally salubrious company alongside our other luxury watches – Rolex, Tudor, and Seiko – names synonymous with superb craftsmanship, durability and style.

If you’re ready to taste the joy of a superior Montblanc timepiece, knowing that 160 years of legacy from this Swiss luxury watchmaker is being passed to you, then we invite you into any one of our five Smales showrooms to slip one on for a fitting today.