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Kailis Pearl Collection

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Possessing beautiful symmetry and embodying luxury, Kailis is the name synonymous with pearl jewellery perfection in Perth.

The most sought-after of Australian South Sea pearls, each Kailis pearl is so naturally beautiful they require no treatment of any kind. In fact, every pearl that bears the Kailis name has been hand-selected based on the five natural virtues of lustre, shape, size, colour and surface quality.

The result is Perth’s most jaw-dropping collection of pearl jewellery and it’s exclusively available at Smales’ Geraldton showroom.

Historically, we’ve catered to females of all ages and desires, from the celebration of new life with the Baby Keshi Stud Earrings in yellow or white gold to the stunning Kailis Pearl Odyssey collection that includes the elegant Negligee Necklace.

Smales has been careful to choose the Kailis pearl jewellery that can make up an entire outfit and be worn in a number of situations. Hence, our wide-ranging mix of Kailis pearl rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants.

The standing rule with Kailis pearl jewellery is to highlight the pearl by removing anything that steals from the jewellery’s purity and integrity. With this in mind, Smales can guarantee that your Kailis pearl jewellery will stand out in a Perth crowd and be noticed for what it is – pure pearl perfection.

For the highest quality pearl jewellery found anywhere in Perth, you can trust Smales Jewellery Geraldton to deliver.