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Why Should You Wear A Watch?

Posted on July 19 2019


Do you want to start a lively discussion at a dinner party? Then pose one little question as the entrée arrives: why bother to wear a watch when your mobile tells you the time? Oh boy!

If you’ve already tried this conversation starter, you’ll know there are passionate opinions on both sides. As the eminent purveyor of luxury watches in Perth, the experts at Smales Jewellers state their case for the stylish, practical and still incredibly popular luxury watch.


A Fashionable Accessory

Very few people on the planet don’t accessorise. From jewellery to glasses to shoes, we love to advertise our uniqueness, and a watch has always been an easy way for men and women to do this, and of course elevate an outfit.

Whether you prefer the sleek profile of a classic Tradition Automatic Date from Montblanc, or the intricate yet elegant Nebula collection from Arnold & Son, there is no shortage of fashionable watches at Smales Jewellers.


Reliable and Convenient

You could always just go back to the reason why a wristwatch was invented – to keep us synchronised, and most importantly punctual. Unlike a phone you don’t even have to carry your watch. It sits perfectly where you left it – on your wrist.

Many of the luxury watch brands carried at Smales Jewellers are renowned for their impeccable timekeeping abilities. Grand Seiko watches, produced and sold by the companies of Seiko Group, are known for their technological innovations, and for their high quality standards that rival top Swiss watchmakers. Seiko sends equipment and timing engineers to championships and world-class events in many sports to deliver their signature timing precision, having provided all of the athletic timing for more than 170 IAAF events worldwide. Grand Seiko watches are the Rolls-Royce’s of the Seiko collection.

Rolex has set a new benchmark in precision, with all of its watches being stringently tested to ensure an accuracy of -2/+2 seconds per day. How’s that for reliable!


Show Your Style and Personality

If reflecting your personal values through your personal style is important to you, then a Tudor watch can help you do that. Pushing boundaries and daring to be different is the foundation of this Swiss label, with Born To Dare as their motto.

The Tudor spirit is supported globally by high-profile ambassadors, whose life achievements directly result from a daring approach to life.

Perhaps you’re a bit philanthropist who keeps watch on luxury brands doing their part in preserving the planet, then the new Oris Ocean Trilogy set is the one to own. With its preservation initiatives – it speaks volumes for generations to come.

Whatever you want to tell the world through your watch, Smales Jewellers can help you find a watch that will perfectly capture your flair and personality.


Heirloom and Investment

If you’re lucky enough to be wearing an heirloom watch, lucky you. If your luxury watch has so far only belonged to you, lucky you again. You’re at the start of a generational list that will see this watch passed down again and again through your family.

Heirloom watches are some of the most prized possessions at jewellery auctions. Rolex, one of the most iconic luxury watchmakers in the world, are known to appreciate in value over time, with the classic Submariner style being considered by many as the single best investment watch.

While German brand Montblanc pride themselves on making watches for life. They intend their luxury watches to one day be handed down to the next generation, by creating each piece to an extremely high standard.

Whatever the luxury timepiece, take care of it and it will keep time for your great, great, great relatives to come.


Where to Buy Luxury Watches In Perth

If you agree that the watch prevails and are ready to invest in a luxury timepiece, it is important you choose the right retailer. As Ron Smales puts it, “A watch is an investment. Customers need to understand what they’re buying. The retailer should have the technical and historical knowledge to educate and guide them through the buying process so they find the right watch for their needs”.

Call us, explore our website, or visit the Smales Jeweller’s Subiaco Showroom to view our entire collection of Rolex, Tudor, Grand Seiko, Montblanc, and Arnold & Son. Time will tell that you made the right choice!




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