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Smales Gold Nugget Collection

Posted on May 19 2020

Western Australia’s rich history is woven with threads of gold. Since the late 1800s, gold has been coveted and collected in the dusty goldfields and turned into jewellery by master ateliers.

Smales is one such jeweller, with a history dating back almost as far as some of our state’s most renowned prospecting towns. Since 1937 when Smales was established in Kalgoorlie, in the heart of the Goldfields region, our name has been synonymous with luxury jewellery and timepieces.

Today the Smales gold nugget collection shines among Australian jewellers. We are proud to offer gold nugget pieces as unique and treasured as their wearer, alongside exquisite jewellery hand-crafted from WA gold.

Introducing the Smales Gold Nugget Collection

Smales remains a part of Kalgoorlie’s modern history to this day. Our gold nugget collection exclusively features pieces sourced directly from the Western Australian goldfields. With careful crafting by our jewellers, the original nuggets are used to create a range of timeless gold pieces which we are proud to offer in Australia and around the world.

The market for gold has never shone brighter, whether you are seeking to invest in a piece of WA history or adorn a loved one in rich gold. Gold jewellery can be an investment for the financially savvy, or a special treat for yourself.

From the Smales Gold Nugget Collection

Single Nugget Bracelet

Crafted from stunning 18ct yellow gold, this adjustable bracelet features a small natural gold nugget sourced from WA prospectors. Owning a piece of WA history has never been more affordable or personal.

Nugget Wire Ruby Pendant

Using natural yellow gold from Kalgoorlie as inspiration, this pendant features a 0.05ct ruby that comes alive with the hues of a Goldfields sunset. Made on-site at Smales with a hand-picked gold nugget, nature and form come together in a timeless pendant.


The current Gold market 2020

Investors around the world are once again turning to gold as a shining light in uncertain times. The world may be in disarray at the moment, but gold remains a strong player among turbulent markets.

Off the back of a stellar performance in 2019 where gold rose 18.4% in US dollar terms, 2020 is poised to be another good year for gold. Especially in the coming months as monetary policies ease in global markets, gold is expected to outperform other commodities and investments by as much as double in terms of monthly returns.

Gold as a gift

Gold jewellery is the perfect gift for all occasions. Mother’s Day, milestone birthdays, Father’s Day, wedding gifts – any time you want to tell someone your affection is eternal. And with the individuality expressed in a gold nugget, that affection gains a deeper, more personalised meaning.

Browse the Smales Jewellers gold nugget collection to be inspired by the perfect piece, whether for yourself or a loved one. With a range suitable to all tastes and budgets, our collection of hand-crafted pieces sourced from Goldfields prospectors, everyone can find their own golden thread to weave into a beautiful story.