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Jewellery for Men: Etiquette You Need to Know

Posted on December 17 2018

Jewellery Etiquette For Men: a Summary

When it comes to pulling off male jewellery – be it a watch or wedding band, bracelet or necklace – there are several things to keep in mind:


Keep it simple

Men’s jewellery isn’t meant to be complicated. Think clean, practical, understated and less flashy than female jewellery – and something that works with and not against what you’re wearing.


Remember what it represents - and consider comfort

A man’s first piece of jewellery is more often than not their wedding ring. This is not just a statement to the world that you belong to another – it’s something that you’re going to wear every day for the rest of your life, so you want it be comfortable and something you feel naked without.


luxury watch for men rolex oyster perpetual

The Ideal Men’s Luxury Watch

Not only practical, a large-faced, classic leather or metal-strapped Rolex is the ultimate men’s ‘jewellery’ piece. Crafted from the finest raw materials with scrupulous attention to detail, a Rolex immediately adds sophistication to everything from a suit or tux, to clean and casual day wear (chinos and a collared shirt) – provided the hue and material goes with what you’re wearing. Look at it as an investment piece that you’ll most likely wear every day.  


Men’s Rings: What to look for in a Wedding Band

If you’re looking for some guidance in selecting your wedding band, Smales’ luxury men’s jewellery collection has a ring for every personal taste – from the simple Hearts On Fire Comfort Fit bands to two-toned and diamond ring options, the aim is to select a ring that you can picture yourself wearing every day, and one that suits your style.



Necklaces for Men

How to pull off a necklace while still looking masculine? Stick to a simple and understated design, and reserve it for your casual wear and not your suit - wearing it over a plain T-shirt is key.


What about Bracelets?

The luxury male bracelet has gradually become a socially acceptable accessory, but is your hit-or-miss men’s jewellery item. If you’re looking to invest in a bracelet, make sure that it’s the same colour as your watch, even if you’re going to be wearing it on the other arm, to avoid a mismatched, messy look. You want your bracelet to add sophistication and enhance that clean, ‘pulled together’ look.


Perth’s One-Stop Men’s Jewellery Shop

Featuring classic, clean and masculine styles, Smales’ Men’s luxury jewellery collection features sophisticated and comfortable pieces for both everyday and formal occasions. Increase your confidence and complete your look with an item or items from our unique collection. Introduce yourself at a Smales’ store near you today, where our experts will give you all the guidance you need.